Receding & Bleeding Gums

If you have receding or bleeding gums, it is important that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Receding gums, although a common occurrence, is a sign of an unhealthy mouth. Bleeding from your gums, whether from brushing, flossing, or eating, should not occur with normal, healthy tissue. Left untreated, receding and bleeding gums can both lead to the loss of some or all of your teeth. As part of our family dentistry services at 21st Century Dentistry, we provide treatment for both conditions.

Receding gums are not only a sign of an unhealthy foundation, they leave your entire mouth more vulnerable to decay and serious infection. The gum tissues are necessary for protecting the roots of the teeth and holding the teeth securely in place. One of the most common symptoms of receding gums is having tooth sensitivity. When the roots are even slightly exposed, hot/cold temperatures and sweet or sour foods can cause jolts of pain or discomfort to the teeth.

Bleeding gums of any amount are sign of a bacterial infection and the inflammation that results from it. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum infection, before irreversible loss of your supporting tissue has taken place. Periodontal disease, the second stage of gum infection, corresponds with an irreversible loss of the supporting gum tissue and bone. In both situations, timely treatment is essential to stopping the destructive process from continuing and eliminating the infection. Whether you have receding or bleeding gums, 21st Century Dentistry can provide the appropriate intervention to restore your oral health.

Thorough cleanings and gum treatment remove damaging tartar buildup and treat any gum infection that is affecting your mouth. As a result, healthy gum tissue is firm, light pink in color and not overly sensitive. With continued care at home and in our office, your smile can be saved and protected for many years to come. Contact 21st Century Dentistry today if you have concerns regarding your gum health.

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