New Patient First Visit

At 21st Century Dentistry, we strive to provide you with the absolute best dental care possible. Your first visit is very important to us, and you can expect to spend about 90 minutes in our office for your new patient comprehensive exam.

When you first arrive, Ashley or Shannon will warmly greet you and help you fill out your new patient forms if necessary. You will then be introduced to one of our friendly dental assistants or hygienists, who will go over your paperwork and ask follow-up questions to better learn about you and your goals for your oral health.

In order for Dr. Thompson to perform a thorough exam, we will gather valuable diagnostic information throughout your first appointment. We utilize intraoral photos, digital radiographs, and a Diagnodent to name a few. Most people are familiar with photos and radiographs, but the Diagnodent is a small, handheld device we commonly use for the early detection of cavities.

In addition to that, we will review your at-home hygiene routine and carefully evaluate the health of your gums. We understand that many patients like to get their teeth cleaned at their first visit, so we make it a priority to also complete your cleaning whenever possible. If you have gum infection, which around 40% of the population over 30 years old have to some extent, we may need to schedule you for gum therapy at another appointment. Gum therapy takes longer to complete than a traditional cleaning, and we want to ensure our hygienists have sufficient time to provide you with the highest level of care.

Dr. Thompson will then review your medical history, go over any important information you shared with our team up to that point, and perform a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, and surrounding soft tissue. He will go over any important findings with you, answer any questions you may have, and discuss potential treatment options based on your particular needs or goals.

If you have specific dental concerns that you are aware of or are interested in having treatment completed at your first appointment, please let us know so we can schedule you appropriately. We value your time and want to make sure we meet your expectations at every appointment.

We are excited to meet you!

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